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GNG Tower Ladders started out with one tower ladder purchased in 2004. It was the first tower ladder we used to start our company and provide a very particular kind of service to a small circle of trusting clients.  From that one tower ladder, we have progressed to a fully established company with a professional standing whose reputation is based on reliability and safety at all times. GNG Tower Ladders today owns a fleet of fully operational and professionally equipped vehicles ready to serve all our clients' lifting requirements.


Our clients include not only domestic home owners but also commercial property owners and industrial companies who require specific machinery to carry out the tasks at hand. Our machinery includes cranes, hoists, tower ladders, nifty lifts and varied related tools.


Think professionalism and reliability – think GNG Tower Ladders.

Lifting with high-up machinery and cranes.
Transport of furniture, machinery, equipment, appliances, debris and construction materials.



Services provided all over Malta

We Provide 24HR Services

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